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Our Services

We are your licensed and insured one stop solution for all of your lawn and landscaping needs. We offer lawn residential and commercial mowing, landscape installation, retaining walls, spring and fall cleanup, drainage solutions and more.

Drainage Solutions

We have an experienced team that will provide a solution to any drainage need. We offer downspout extensions, French drains, and sump pump extensions.  

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Drainage Solutions- Starting at $35.00/Ft installed
Residential Mowing- Starting at $40.00/Week
Retaining walls- Starting at $50.00/sqft
Full Property Cleanup- Starting at $450.00
Landscape Installation- Cost based on job
Spring/Fall Cleanup- Starting at $200.00
Downspout extension- Starting at $150.00 per downspout
Sod installation- Starting at $1.50/sqft installed

Property Cleanup

We offer the ability and ease of reclaiming lost spaces. 

We can bring those unused areas back to life!!!

Retaining Wall Installation

We offer new retaining walls to replace an existing wall or to make a space usable by installing a new wall. 

We build walls with manufactured stone, rail ties, timber, natural stone and more!

Our walls range in price dependent on many factors... Need a quote? call us to schedule a free estimate!

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Sod Installation

We offer full sod installation no matter how bad of shape your lawn is currently in.

Our team provides industry leading results using only tried and true installation processes.

We don't just lay sod over existing grass or a bad base layer of dirt. We evaluate and advise our clients of any work or addition of top soil needed to ensure the sod adheres well and provides our clients with a nice green lawn that will last forever!


Leavenworth County, KS 66086

Premier Lawn Services

We are a licensed and insured lawn and landscape company. We come to work dressed to impress and pride ourselves on our communication with customers.


Our Goal - Affordable rates, while exceeding  industry leading standards!

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